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Shown here at the city's first annual Baby-Friendly Philadelphia Summit are: Katja Pigur of MCC, Pam Power, Debi Ferrarello & Dr. Johannson.

Rallying for Chestnut Hill's obstetrics unit to remain open are MCC staffers Iliana Dejesus, Mariana Kuperman, Bette Begleiter and Board member Sara Lomax-Reese with son Julian.


Recent News

02/16/12 Help is Tough to Find for Low-income Women Facing Post-Partum Depression About one in ten women is affected by post-partum depression. If not treated, it can make it tough for these women to care for themselves and their children.
11/30/11 Pregnancy as a Preexisting Condition If you're a woman of reproductive age in Pennsylvania, you'd better make sure you have health insurance before you get pregnant.
11/23/11 PAH Hosts First Philadelphia-Wide Annual Baby Friendly Summit On Thursday, November 17, Pennsylvania Hospital sponsored a breakfast at the meeting of the city’s first annual Baby-Friendly Philadelphia Summit.

Pennsylvania: Stop Insurers from Denying Essential Maternity Coverage to Women Women in Pennsylvania need comprehensive maternity insurance coverage.

11/18/11 The Case for all Insurance Policies to Cover Maternity Services Pennsylvania (along with 31 other states) does not require individual or small group policies to cover maternity care. Pregnancy or a previous caesarian-section delivery can be considered a pre-existing condition in determining eligibility for coverage.

State Must Upgrade Maternity Coverage Every month, thousands of women in Pennsylvania are shocked to learn that they do not have maternity coverage as part of their insurance.

03/11/11 Pregnancy Drug's Sharp Price Hike Called 'Greed' A drug to help prevent preterm labor is going up 100 times its current price since the FDA gave one drug company exclusive rights to produce it.

Mennonites' Informal Lifeline for Jailed Mothers The Philadelphia Department of Human Services is looking at making changes to an informal arrangement in which incarcerated women's children are cared for by Mennonite families.


Michelle Obama's Support of Breastfeeding is No Slippery Slope to a 'Nanny State' Janet Golden reviews the long history of federal education and support of breastfeeding through government policy.

02/28/11 Sick of Your Company's Sick Day Policy? A bill in Philadelphia's City Council would ensure a minimum number of paid sick days each year for workers to address their own health needs or the health needs of their families.
02/16/11 Abandoning Women on Abortion Janet Golden writes on Pennsylvania bills seeking to make family planning services optional while banning abortion coverage in the state insurance exchanges created by health care reform (the Affordable Care Act).  
01/21/11 Hospital Maternity Wards Are Closing Across the US Maternity units continue to close nationally; Norristown's pregnant women face a 3-month wait for prenatal care.


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Learn about the childbirth crisis through our Maternity Care in Southeastern PA pages, or visit our Maternity Services Advocacy pages to find out how communities are advocating and how you can take action!

MCC's full Childbirth at a Crossroads report can be viewed here.


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