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HIV/AIDS Prevention & Education


Since 1996, Maternity Care Coalition (MCC) has been on the frontline of the fight against HIV and AIDS. Through our home visiting programs HIV education is provided to pregnant women, new mothers and their families.  MCC remains committed to providing accessible HIV/AIDS prevention services to underserved, at risk populations in Philadelphia. The need for ongoing services is evidenced by some eye opening facts:


  • Despite advances in treatment and awareness, there is still no cure for HIV/AIDS and the epidemic continues to grow.
  • The risk of perinatal transmission (pregnant mom to baby) of HIV/AIDS is very low (less than 2%) with proper treatment during pregnancy and delivery.
  • Stigma, lack of knowledge of resources, and fear interfere with access to care.
  • Minorities are disproportionately affected; African Americans lead the number of newly diagnosed cases of HIV/AIDS in Philadelphia and there is a growing trend of new infections in heterosexual women.

MCC provides two evidenced-based interventions to combat the growing number of newly diagnosed HIV cases in Philadelphia.  Services are culturally sensitive and focus on increasing knowledge, encouraging participants to be aware of their HIV status, ensuring access to needed services, identifying and eliminating barriers and reducing high risk behaviors. Over 350 people participate in these services annually.



SISTA, an acronym for Sisters Informing Sisters about Topics on AIDS, is a 5 session group intervention created for heterosexual African American women. SISTA is offered in community based settings such as shelters, substance abuse facilities,  and hospitals.



RESPECT is a 2 session individual counseling intervention.  Over the course of the 2 sessions, participants receive an individualized risk assessment and risk reduction plan, HIV education and skill building, and support to address barriers to prevention.

For more information on HIV/AIDS prevention services at MCC, please contact

For more information on HIV/AIDS visit the CDC website at

For more information on HIV/AIDS in Philadelphia call the Health Information Hotline at 1.800.985.AIDS



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