What does real motherhood look like?

I wish I had a clean house, smiling children, a two-course dinner on the table, plenty of time to myself, my hair styled and inner peace. Meanwhile, most of all, I only have one thing at a time. Sound familiar?

Or the smiling children who freely scatter their toys around the house, or the floor as clean as a tear and the children I follow step by step. To get bored, I ask you to play with just one toy, and then put it back in place. It’s the only way to keep the kids in the House. It’s a total abstraction to me, because the house is not a museum or a kindergarten. It’s either a complicated dinner with dessert or my inner peace that disappears when I start cooking.

Sometimes pain in the tummy tuck revision

The abdominal cavity is a common space for many organs of key importance to human health. People who complain of abdominal pain may in fact struggle with discomfort in the intestines tummy tuck revision, stomach, liver, pancreas or spleen. Sometimes pain in the abdominal cavity indicates diseases of the organs outside the abdominal cavity tummy tuck revision and of systems other than the digestive system.

Abdominal cavity – characteristics
The abdominal cavity is a large area of ​​the front part of the torso that borders the chest cavity at the top and tummy tuck revision the pelvic cavity at the bottom. It consists of the peritoneal cavity and the extraperitoneal space. It is common to divide the abdominal cavity into an intestinal layer with the small intestine and large intestine, and a glandular layer located above the colon. We find there the liver, pancreas, stomach and spleen.

Due to the need to accurately determine the location of pain symptoms in individual organs tummy tuck revision, three regions of the abdominal cavity are distinguished, i.e. epigastric, mesogastrium and lower abdomen. In the diagnosis of the abdominal cavity, the doctor may order abdominal ultrasound and X-rays tummy tuck revision, blood counts, urine tests and a number of other auxiliary tests to help determine the cause of the ailments.

What does real motherhood look like?

Confirmation May Stapleton Pediatrics

It is important that you trust your child’s pediatrician A pediatrician does not have to be a teacher, but it is good for him to have experience and update his knowledge. Confirmation can be, for example Stapleton Pediatrics, training completion certificates hung on office walls. But the real test of his competence will be effective treatment.

If your little one is still coughing after a week of taking medication, and the pediatrician minimizes your doubts, consult Stapleton Pediatrics, another specialist. Do the same when you feel that you need to confirm each diagnosis with a different doctor or that you are constantly prescribed the same medications. If you have a choice, go to the doctor who works at the children’s hospital. This guarantees professionalism and updating of the latest knowledge, as well as quick help in case of problems.

Check if contact with the pediatrician will be possible 24 hours a day

Toddlers often get sick overnight at Stapleton Pediatrics. Therefore, contact with a doctor must be possible 24 hours a day. The pediatrician must not only give you the telephone numbers on which he will be available (mobile, home or work), but also encourage you to call him anywhere. moment, if necessary. And if he is often absent, he should also phone you to other doctors who can replace him.

The distance from the doctor is also important. If you don’t have a car, find out if a doctor can reach you if needed or if you can call a Stapleton Pediatrics taxi to the office. And of course, how much are you going to pay for a home visit.

How to take care in difficult time with bronchospasm?

Fighting the “invisible enemy” requires that we be particularly careful and consistently apply preventive measures. In the next week of the national quarantine bronchospasm, surely you know and follow the preventive recommendations, we will briefly remind them:  Stay at home. If it is not absolutely necessary to leave the house, just stay home, limit contact between people and follow the quarantine rules.

This is especially important given the fact that the virus spreads very easily and the fact that you can get infected from someone who is not yet showing symptoms of the virus.
If you have to leave the house, cover your face with a mask or scarf and wear gloves. Follow the recommendations in force where you are bronchospasm, for example keep a distance of 2 meters from the other person, disinfect your hands.

Don’t forget about hand hygiene – wash them every time you come home with hand sanitizer bronchospasm, while extending the standard time for hand washing. However, you need to fully protect yourself against all diseases, including coronavirus, and bronchospasm in addition to precautions, you need to take care of yourself first to reduce the risk of infection.

Despite the difficult circumstances the whole world finds itself in, #stanwhome, remote working and a quarantine period can prove to be a great opportunity to stop and pay more attention to your own health. Living in a rush to study, work, and family responsibilities, we weakened them more often, we didn’t pay much attention to what the immune system is, which, after all, determines whether we get sick. or not.

Maybe it’s my bad organization.

Maybe there are moms who get up an hour before the kids, which is probably about 5. They drink coffee in peace, take a shower without curious eyes from behind the door. They get their hair done, they get full make-up. They prepare an elaborate breakfast and wait smiling for their children and husband to wake up. They do the laundry on their own, one a week, and it stacks up in the closet as soon as it’s dried. Their children don’t get dirty.

They play with their children all day with a smile, and when they fall asleep they do murderous workouts for a fit silhouette. Meanwhile, without any effort, they cook a two-course dinner, with dessert, of course. After dinner, it’s time for education.

Chinese phishing for 8 months, and finally reading by Doman method. Their children, of course, are sitting around listening. Meanwhile, they bake sourdough bread for their neighbour, too, because she doesn’t have time. They don’t actually have to clean up because the house is always tidy. When the children sleep alone in their rooms in the evening, they have time to themselves. But they prefer to sew the baby’s Slipper bag and embroidered his name. They get a great night’s sleep because their children sleep all night.

How do they do that?

Those who fell asleep on the floor by the baby’s cot, in leggings with traces of yesterday’s tomato. They wake up at 11pm, go to the bathroom and are unable to get through the poop (laundry, thankfully). They look at their grey and creased face, at the smudged mascara under the eyelid they managed to paint yesterday. They change, without a shower, into pyjamas and go to bed. In fact, they fall on their face. At night, parents wake up because their leg hurts or their soul hurts.

How do they do that?Wake up later today, hopefully not at 5.30 like yesterday. Coffee, coffee! Kingdom for a cup of coffee or even a bucket! The children, of course, are already hungry, even though it’s the middle of the night.

They pour sugar and cow’s milk on top of them. Poop’s on his way. They read books, play with Lego, animate the company for three hours, look at the watch, and it turns out 15 minutes have passed. Hour 5 minutes 30, How long till 8: 00? Tired, drooled, gilded, sometimes even scratched.

Dressed in sweatpants, gaiters and shapeless maternity blouses, they sit on carpets with battered crisps and struggle to survive. They are reminded of the shower around 12pm, but unfortunately they don’t have that option. Sometimes they think they can’t do it anymore, that they’re going to run away. They clench their teeth and fall asleep on the floor next to the baby’s crib. There are days where if someone offered them a desk job 12 hours a day they would go. They would go to rest. Tomorrow will be better, and maybe it won’t be.

Why are you so tired?

They ask others who have been awake for six years. They roll their eyes and see their children, who have taken care of themselves in the room for a while. They go to turn on the magic wake-up button that says “coffee.” They have a few minutes to get on with their lives, and by the way, they’ve already got time to read one “kitty cat.” They make a quick but nutritious breakfast. Meanwhile, they wipe the spilt water in which the younger child has already dipped his chubby hand.

The kids eat a little, scatter a little on the floor. They wipe the table with one hand and put the porridge on a spoon with the other. They take a quick shower accompanied by curious eyes. Instead of humming their favourite tunes they sing while sitting in the bath: “Head and shoulders, knees and toes” or even “happy birthday.” All for not getting on the toilet and playing with the brush next to it. A quick combing of hair into a blanket on the top of your head, after which you get to know all the mothers and you can start the day. Laundry x 3 in the obligatory assist.

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